There’s something about the word “custom” that people associate with “expensive.” We are here to tell you that this doesn’t have to be the case. A club fitting is the best route to take when considering purchasing new golf clubs. It gives you an opportunity to hit a variety of companies’ options. It also allows you to be guided in the right direction by a fitting professional who knows how to analyze the data. Not only that, but you are going to be on Trackman 4 to give you all the numbers you need to make the best decision. But how much are you going to shell out to get this process done? Let’s start saying out it varies from situation to situation but we can break it down into some categories and ranges.

Fitting Costs:

First, let’s start with the actual cost of the fitting. Here at Pull the Pin our fittings are free when you purchase your new fitted clubs through us. If you are just looking for just your specs and aren’t looking to purchase, our fittings start with $40 for a putter fitting to $200 for a full bag fitting (Driver through Putter).

Iron Costs:

Now let’s talk about the actual clubs themselves. The cost of irons can vary greatly. Our lowest iron is currently the Tour Edge E723 at $88/iron. Most of our irons will range between $88-200 an iron, hitting many different price points in between. There are a few premium exceptions such as I59 from Ping or Great Big Bertha from Callaway. These will cost more than $200 an iron. Regardless of your budget we have lots of options to fit you with! For these prices we can get you irons with the correct shaft, head, length, lie and grip for your game.

Driver Costs:

Of the drivers we carry you can expect to pay between $269(Tour Edge E723)- $629 (Taylor Made Stealth 2 Plus) without any exotic shaft options. We can help you find the correct head, loft and shaft combination to maximize your distance and accuracy.

Putter Costs:

Of the putters we carry you can expect to pay anywhere between $149.99 to $599.99. We have putters at virtually every price point in between. We have three different fitting options: Hole More Putts, Edel Custom Fitting and LAB Golf fitting. Hole More Putts is a tablet that allows us to score nearly any putter we have for sale on a scale of 100 to 0 percent of how compatible with your stroke. Edel putter fittings are strictly for Edel putters but allow us to get you a completely custom putter that will allow you to aim properly and assist with speed control. LAB golf putter fittings are just for LAB golf putters and allow us to determine the proper length and lie for a custom LAB.

Full Bag Cost:

We have done fittings for a variety of different price points. We have done full bag fittings for $1800 for a less than 14 club set with low end price point game improvement options. On the other side of the spectrum, we have done full bag fittings for $4500 which was for a full 14 clubs, woods that had up-charge exotic shafts, and a golf bag. Regardless of your budget, we can do our best to work within it while also getting you the best possible results.

Is it worth it?

In our opinion the answer is a resounding yes! If you are in the market for new clubs there is no reason to skip out on the fitting. With us, you are going to get clubs tailored to your swing and physical makeup for the same cost as buying them off the rack. If you are in the market for new clubs, put us to the test and see how much we can help improve your game!