The problem:

If used correctly, clubs shouldn’t break. However, here at Pull the Pin we see multiple broken clubs a week. Some of them are older and break due to age, others though are fairly new. Rarely, there are manufacture errors that lead to a break, but more times than not, a break is entirely avoidable. Here are some easy tips to keep your clubs in great shape.

Tip One: Use Your Headcovers

Simple enough. Next.

Tip Two: Store Your Clubs Properly

We’ve all been there. It’s just easier to keep your clubs in the car. What if your buddy calls you at work and you need to get in an emergency nine??? Here’s the reality though, your car is a microwave and a deep freezer at the same time. Whether you have steel or graphite clubs, extreme cold or heat is going to weaken the shafts of your clubs leading to a potential break. The second worst place to store your clubs is your garage if it isn’t temperature regulated. So many broken club stories start with “they were in my garage all winter.” It can be a pain we get it, but find a place in your house to store your clubs that’s temperature controlled and make sure they get there between uses.

Tip Three: Wash Your Clubs Regularly

This won’t help your clubs from breaking but it will do a number of things for you. First off, it will help you hit better shots. A clean club is a ready club. Keeping those grooves clean and in good shape will help you develop consistent, predictable results. Second, it will help you to develop an appreciation for your clubs. If you keep them in good condition, it will make you want to treat them with respect and therefore less likely to break them.

Tip Four: Sign up for lessons

What does this have to do with taking care of your clubs? Well as we discussed in “The Problem”, clubs shouldn’t break if used CORRECTLY. This isn’t a shot at anyone its just a fact, if you hit the outskirts the club, or miss the face entirely it makes your club more liable to break. The more speed you add to this equation, the more likely disaster might strike. Besides, you spent the money on these clubs, might as well learn to hit some shots that look just as good as they do!

What if You Do Have a Break?

Sometimes, no matter how carefully you are, life happens. You hit a tree root you didn’t realize was there. Your bag falls the wrong way and snaps your Driver. You had one too many three putts and you had to teach your putter a lesson. Regardless of why they break, we can help. If its a new club most manufacturers will cover damage if it falls under the following: 1) The club was purchased less than two years ago. 2) The damage is deemed to be likely done during a normal golf swing. 3) If the damage is on the face of the club. 4) The shaft breaks within 2 inches of the hostel. Moral of the story, if its a new club that breaks on a swing and not out of anger, most companies are pretty chill about it.


If you have a broken club, we can either repair it ourselves, or get you in contact with the manufacturer to get you a solution.