The Problem

“Do you want your clubs to be Pink or Purple?” This was the frustrating response that one of our female customers received at six different establishments before finding Pull the Pin for a fitting. Unfortunately, time and time again, women golfers needs are neglected. Even we have tried to make a large shift to try to meet the wants of female players. When lady golfers are looking for new clubs, they are often directed to the “lady’s section” filled with standard women’s length, ladies flex clubs. Meanwhile male golfers are met with numerous options, a range of flexes, lofts, grinds, etc. Female golfers and their swings are unique and have different needs! That’s why at Pull the Pin we have the perspective as there is no such thing as a “women’s golf club.” Any club could potentially be right for them, and they deserve the same level of fitting that our male customers receive.

An Example

In the past years, we had an elite high school player from the Lancaster area come in for a driver fitting. She was one of her team’s top performers regardless of gender. By conducting a proper pre-fit interview, talking to her about her goals for her fitting and a quick peak at her club head speed (mid-90s), it was obvious a traditional ladies club would never do the trick. After trying multiple setups we settled on a Titleist TSR 3, with a Stiff flex driver shaft. If both parties were closed minded, we would say “stiff flex is for male players”, but this simply isn’t true. Her CHS obviously showed that she needed that rigid of a shaft. On top of that, there was no need to adjust the length because her smash factors remained in the high 1.4’s with a 45″ shaft, so why shorten it just to lose CHS? Ultimately, we ended up in a setup she was hitting approximately 260 yards on well struck shots. She went on to win her first high school match with that Driver, and that was for both boys and girls.


This is just one example, but it illustrates an important point: Any club can be a “women’s golf club.” Don’t limit your search and get fit! There are ladies who should be playing stiff flex, and if we are being honest, there are some men that should put their pride aside and play “ladies” flex. If it was labeled something different, they very well might.

If you are a lady or gentleman in the market for new clubs, you can set up a fitting with Pull the Pin here: .